Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I enroll my child in gymnastics?
A: At Oasis Gymnastics we believe that gymnastics is the root of all sports. When taught properly gymnastics can be the vehicle with which to develop lifelong fitness. Running, jumping, rolling, strength, and flexibility are the basic aspects of many sports. Gymnastics teaches balance, coordination, motor skills and determination!

Q: At what age can my child start gymnastics?
A: As soon as your child can walk, they can enroll in a parent tot gymnastics class. Children do class with a parent until they are 3 years old, then they may enroll in class by themselves.

Q: Can we do a trial class before enrolling?
A: We don’t allow trial classes due to our small class sizes and because it would be disruptive to our enrolled students. You are always welcome to come in and observe a class. You can see our schedule online and when you stop in, let the front desk know so that we can point out the class for you.

Q: What is your coach to student ratio?
A: For preschool classes we have a 1:6 ratio and for our recreational gymnastics classes, it is a 1:8 ratio.

Q: What should my child wear to class?
A: Girls should wear a leotard or shorts and a form fitting shirt. Hair needs to be tied back away from the face and only stud earrings are allowed, no other jewelry. Boys should wear shorts and a t-shirt. No socks or shoes are worn in the gym.

Q: Do I have to stay during my child’s class?
A: For preschool aged students, we ask that you remain on the premises in case your child needs to go to the restroom. For our recreational students, you are welcome to leave as long as we have a phone number on file to reach you in case of emergency. Please pick your child up promptly after class as we are not staffed to watch unattended children.

Q: How do your sessions work?
A: Our payment sessions vary anywhere from 8-10 weeks. You can find our Class Tuition rates HERE. Payment for the next session is due by the last day of the current session. If your child’s tuition is not paid by that date, they will be dropped from the class. We cannot guarantee their spot in class for the next session if payment has not been made. We offer Auto Pay so that you can always secure your child’s spot in class for the next session. See the front desk for more information. We also send out email reminders, so please make sure we have your current email address on file. Current students are given priority enrollment in the next session as long as they pay by the last day of the term. If a class is full you may go on a wait list and we will call you as soon as space in the class opens up.

Q: Is there a registration fee?
A: Annual Registration Fee is due upon enrollment and every 12 months thereafter. It is $35 for the 1st student , $15 for the 2nd an 3rd student, Family Max. $60.00 annually. The registration fee is non-refundable. All currently enrolled students’ registration fee must be current to attend classes. This is required by our insurance carrier.

Q: What is your make-up policy?
A: As a courtesy, 2 make-ups per payment session will be allowed. Make-ups must be made within the same session, and scheduled ahead of time at the front desk. No make-ups allowed during open gym. Only one make-up re-schedule is allowed, and advance notice is required. There are no refunds for unused make-ups. Any make-ups scheduled after a student has dropped will be cancelled. There are no make-ups for classes that have monthly tuition.

It is best to schedule your child’s make-up class as soon as you can after they miss it or before they miss if you know ahead of time (school activity, family vacation, etc). If we are closed on a holiday, you may schedule a free makeup for that class.

Q: Do I have to wait until the next session to enroll my child?
A: No! We offer open enrollment. Your child can start at any time during a session as long as there is space in the class. Enrollment mid-session is prorated!

Q: Do you offer sibling or multi-class discounts?
A: Yes, we do! Only the 1st class pays full price. Siblings receive a 20% discount and if your child takes more than one class per week, any additional classes receive a 20% discount.

Q: How will I know when my child is able to advance to the next level?

A: In the preschool program, students move up by age. You can move your child up after they have turned the minimum age for the next level. In our recreational program, students are moved up as soon as they have all the required skills needed to move to the next level. When they are ready for the next level, their coach will give them a Move Up Certificate. Please bring that to the front desk so that we can find a class for them to move to. If you have any questions about what your child needs to move to the next level, feel free to let the front desk know and we can let your child’s coach know that you would like to speak to them after class.

Q: What is the difference between gymnastics and tumbling?
A: In our Girls Gymnastics classes, they will learn skills on Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor. In our Boys Gymnastics classes they will learn skills on Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Rings, Pommels and Floor. Our tumbling classes are co-ed and focus on tumbling skills only, using the floor and the tumble track.

Q: How old does my child need to be to attend a sleepover or camp?
A: Our sleepovers and camps are for children ages 3-12. Children MUST be 3 years old to attend and they must also be fully potty trained and able to use the restroom independently.

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