Oasis Gymnastics is an Instructional Educational Facility and will remain open. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines as we provide gymnastics & dance classes.


Enrollment is now open for June classes!! Please visit the Customer Portal to see available classes and enroll.

Oasis Gymnastics is open and ready for our kids to come back to their happy place!
We are opening our doors June 3, 2020. We have missed everyone and are so happy to tell you that we are up and running and ready to begin classes in June.

We have made lots of changes to keep up with the new life guidelines  and can’t wait to see your kids back to flipping, twisting, rolling and dancing here at Oasis Gymnastics.

Listed below you can see our plan and our phases for re-opening. We understand that even when we do reopen, there are those who may need or choose to continue self-isolating for various reasons.

As always at Oasis Gym, your child’s safety and health is our Number 1 priority. We welcome you back with joy and enthusiasm!

-Janine Thompson

What to expect when you come to Oasis Gym-

In-Gym Disinfecting, Cleaning, and Safety Plan

Stations in the gym will be pre-set at 6-foot intervals
* Every station in the gym will have its own bottle of hand sanitizer and disinfectant for cleaning the mats. Coaches will spray mats before use, wiping them with a clean towel
* The number of students in the gym at a time will be limited
* Coaches will provide feedback and safety coaching with minimal physical contact with the students
* We will be professionally sanitizing every mat and surface inside the gym multiple nights per week

  1. The floor is marked for social distancing
  2. Staff will have their temperature’s taken daily.
  3. Students will enter the Gym through the front entrance doors.
  4. Before the kids go into the gym:
    1. Their temperature will be taken, parents please stay in your car and wait for the ‘thumbs up’ sign from the coach to show you their temp is safe.
    2. Hands will be sanitized.
  5. After workout, the kids will exit the gym from the back of the gym, parents please drive around to the back of the Gym to pick them up. Please pick up students promptly.
  6. Coaches do not have to wear their masks during the entire class. We will pull our mask up when we need to get close to a student, otherwise it is up to that coach’s discretion.
  7. Parents will need to stay in their car at drop off and pick up for all students in the Recreational Gymnastics program.
    1. The exception here is the Preschool parents. We need one adult in the lobby for each preschool student. The main reason is in case your child needs to use the bathroom during class, we need the parent to assist them. Parent and child will enter the Gym at the far north side of the building. We will take the child and parent temperature in our lobby. Parent seating is 6 feet apart.

Students will need:

  • Students need to come dressed and ready for class, with hair securely back off their face, to ensure they don’t touch their face.
  • Students will need to bring:
    • A labeled water bottle to keep with them throughout class (water fountains will be closed).
    • Students may bring a small bag (approx. 7”x 9” the size of a quart ziploc baggie to bring necessities like an inhaler) that will be kept with them as they move through their stations out in the gym. Cubbies are closed off.
  • Shoes will be placed at the back door out in the gym.
  • Oasis Staff will be reminding the students:
    • Not to touch their face, use hand sanitizer if they do.
    • Sanitize hands several times throughout the workout.


  1. Parents are allowed to watch workout.
    1. Guidelines for parent viewing in the Gym.
      1. Parents will need to wear a mask the entire time.
      2. Temperature of each parent will be taken if they choose to enter the lobby. You will need to stay in your car at the beginning of class time until we have all the kids moved into the gym from the gym lobby, (about 10minutes). This will ensure no over-crowding in the lobby.
      3. Seating is limited, only one adult per student is allowed.
  2. Class Enrollment
      1. To allow time for our staff to clean in between classes and to keep a limited number of students in the gym we have created a new class schedule (we tried to keep the schedule as close to our previous schedule as possible).
      2. To enroll in classes you must log into the Customer Portal” (card on file will be charged for June tuition).
      3. All classes are subject to change based on enrollment.
      4. Makeup policy – TBD

    This is all new to us and our hope is that as we work on these new protocols, and figure out how to make this happen; we can be as safe as possible.  In the coming months we hope to move forward to a more normal schedule while still keeping in line with CDC guidelines and the Governor’s’ mandate for safety

    Phase One
    June 2020
    Oasis Gymnastics is open for Girls & Boys Rec, Dance Rec, Gym/Dance and Preschool ages 3-5yrs.

    Phase Two
    Date: TBD
    Preschool/Tadpoles and Just Getting Started Classes (parent / tot)
    Special Events – Power Hour / Open Gym
    Birthday Parties
    Summer Camp

05/24/2020 Update

Oasis Gymnastics is Re-Opening June 3rd

We are so excited to have the kids back into the Gym!!
Dance, Pre-School Gymnastics, Recreational Gymnastics and
Muscle Mania classes will be available beginning June 1st.
Stay tuned for updates on your child’s class time and all the new
protocols we will be following to keep everyone safe.
We have new sanitization policies; new social distancing policies
and will continue to follow all CDC guidelines.

Our amazing Oasis Coaches and Teachers can’t wait to see your
kids, flipping, rolling, dancing and jumping in the Gym.

Details coming soon…

05/13/2020 Update

In light of Governor Ducey’s statement on 5/12/2020 we will be reviewing the re-opening procedures for Oasis Gymnastics & Sport Center.  This is exciting and welcomed news for all of us!  We care about our staff, students and families and are working hard so that we can welcome you back to a safe environment.   While we are not opening quite yet we are excited to offer you a new program.

Four Weeks of Family Fun! 

This new “Oasis Virtual World” will be on the BAND app for fun activities, live classes and online videos with some of your favorite coaches.  Click here to see a preview.

    1. Virtual Calendar of Events starts Sunday, 5/17/2020.
    2. Click Here to view the class calendar.  Each week will be the same schedule with all new content.
    3. Videos will be posted by noon on scheduled day and available to you as long as you are enrolled in the Oasis Virtual World.
    4. Activities for all ages.
    5. Tuition $86.43
    6. Sign up through the Parent Portal starting Friday, 5/15/2020.
      1. When enrolling please choose one child on the account to sign up the entire family.
      2. Once you enroll we will send you a separate email with your invite to the BAND app.

05/05/2020 Update
Oasis will be closed until at least May 31, 2020.

Video Classes! We’re are pleased and enthusiastic to offer exclusive links every Friday that range from beginner to advanced at the click of a button that your children can access at any time. The videos will be with some of your favorite Oasis coaches teaching you how to maintain some of the most important gymnastics skills and continue with your dance classes online. You can sign up for our virtual classes through the Parent Portal. 

3/30/2020 Update
We will be closed until at least April 30, 2020.
Virtual Classes will be offered for our recreational gymnastics and dance students starting in April.


Dear Parents,

After careful consideration, we have made the very difficult decision to temporarily suspend all classes and team practices and activities at Oasis Gymnastics & Sports Center effective immediately.

After thoroughly evaluating all options, we have determined we cannot effectively offer the curriculum and instruction our customers deserve while also abiding by the necessary restrictions in place to slow the spread of coronavirus.

We did not come to this decision lightly.  Our greatest desire was to find a way to continue instructing the children who look forward to coming to classes each week.  At the same time, we feel it is imperative that we do our part to help our community.  These two priorities are at odds given we simply can’t adjust our instruction in a way that allows for the social distancing requirements that are currently recommended.

Like so many other businesses impacted by this new reality, we don’t have the ability to fully predict what will happen next.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate this together.  Our goal is to pause our operations in a way that is fair to our customers and that allows us to reopen as soon as possible.  Most importantly, we want to be sure we are doing our part to minimize our role in contributing to any further community spread.

Following is our plan as of today, but we recognize this may change in the coming days and weeks. Given how quickly things have been evolving and all of the variables that are still unknown, we are simply making the best decisions with the information we have available today.

We will pause all recreational classes and events through at least March 31st.  At that time, we will evaluate the current guidelines and make a decision about whether we can reopen, or we need to extend our temporary closure.

In the interim, we will be using the following process for all customers enrolled as of March 16th.

    1. You will receive a two-week credit on your account to accommodate the closure.  It will be applied to your next month’s tuition, whether that be in April or at another date.
    2. You will not be billed again through autopay until it is clear we can reopen and we have communicated that information to you.
    3. All make-ups from the first part of March will be extended an additional 90 days after the date we reopen and are running regular classes.
    4. All customers enrolled on March 16th will be guaranteed to keep their place in class(es) when we reopen.

We will be using the break from recreational classes to do a thorough deep cleaning of the entire gym as well as make some updates to our facility.

We look forward to returning to our regular schedule as soon as possible and hope to see all of you back in the gym soon.

We appreciate our customers and the support you have shown our business during this very unusual time.  We know this decision will be very disappointing to your kids, and also recognize this takes away an outlet for our families during a time when many other options are also closed.  We’d like to stress again that we would not have made this decision if we did not believe it was absolutely necessary for both our customers and our community at large.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Janine Thompson

Oasis Gymnastics & Sport Center


Dear Parents,

The health and safety of our students, families and employees are top of mind amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

We have enhanced and expanded our daily cleaning efforts and in high-touch areas such as door handles and water fountains they are being disinfected multiple times a day.  We have always had hand sanitizer in our lobby and out in the gym for all to use. We have posted signs in the restrooms that encourage proper hand washing which is important to follow year round.

Following CDC recommended protocols:

    1. Please stop by the restroom to wash hands before class.
    2. Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds – just sing the ABC’s twice.
    3. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands.
    4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
    5. Minimize hand shaking, hand holding, and hugging.
    6. As always, you should keep your student home when they are sick. We offer one makeup per month which can be scheduled through the front desk.

We will continue to monitor the situation on how we can most effectively protect your health.

Thank you for your help keeping our gymnastics community healthy and safe.

Oasis Gymnastics & Sports Center

Business Hours:
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