Janine Thompson : Owner

Janine Thompson


Janine Thompson is the owner of Oasis Gymnastics and is the Head Coach for the Oasis Women’s Team.

Janine has been a force in women’s gymnastics for over 30 years personally coaching three national team members and many athletes who have gone on to become college gymnasts.

She was named the USA Gymnastics Judge of the Year in 2004, and was the United States Gymnastics Professional of the Year in 2006.

Janine has a bachelor’s degree in education from California Lutheran College.  Before opening Oasis, she ran a large gymnastics program in Clovis, California.

Fun Fact:  Janine chose her college solely for its location which was 20 minutes from Malibu beach.


Davina Luna : Dance Director

Davina Luna

Dance Director

Davina Luna is the Director of the Oasis Dance department.  Davina also coaches preschool classes, pre-team, manages special events, birthday parties and Power Hour.

Davina’s passion for dance and performance started at the age of three earning her many titles and scholarships over the next few decades.  She also pursued gymnastics and competed a few years before focusing solely on dance.  Davina worked for many years as a certified nurse’s assistant before returning to her true passion in 2003 when she started teaching at Oasis.

As a coach, Davina has earned numerous Platinum’s for her choreography as well as a special award for Highest Scoring Group Number.

Fun Fact:  Davina loves to collect crazy socks!  Which ones does she have on today?

Darrell McCall : XCEL Head Coach/Recreational Director

Darrell McCall

XCEL Head Coach/Recreational Director

Darrell McCall is the Oasis Xcel Head Coach/Recreational Program Director as well as a coach for recreational and advanced recreational women’s gymnastics.

Originally from New Jersey, Darrell started dancing at age 3, and then moved to tumbling when she was 11.  She loved gymnastics so much that she continued her passion by beginning coaching at age 15!  She has been at it ever since, coming to Oasis in 2011.

Fun Fact:  Darrell is obsessed with nail polish!  She is constantly buying more and can’t seem to stop!

Karrie Waggoner : Office Manager

Karrie Waggoner

Office Manager

Karrie Waggoner is the Office Manager at Oasis Gymnastics.

Karrie began working at Oasis in 2013 bringing with her 27 years of office experience with J.C. Penny.

Karrie has two daughters who started gymnastics at Oasis in 1999.  One of Karrie’s daughters continued to compete for the Oasis Women’s Optional Team through her senior year winning 2013 Level 8 Region 1 Champion as well as a 2014 Level 9 Western Qualifier.

Karrie says of Oasis, “This is where we found our gym home.  I feel completely blessed to have started here when the girls were so young and to have been here the whole time.”

Fun Fact:  Karrie loves music and musicals.  You will often find her singing in the car.